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Polymers and Soft Materials Research Center

The Polymers and Soft Materials (Poly-SM) Research Center is a collaborative effort to strengthen the multidisciplinary research on The University of Alabama campus in the field of polymers and soft materials. This includes investigations of fundamental chemical, mechanical, and biological materials, and processes, as well as applied technologies of industrial significance. In order to stimulate research and innovation within the Poly-SM area, we provide financial support for invited seminar speakers, and we operate a shared experimental laboratory for soft material synthesis and characterization.

Our Vision

Our ultimate goal is to become an internationally recognized hub of intellectual leadership in the area of (bio)polymer and soft materials. One component of this is establishing ourselves as one of the prime organizations in the region for industrial engagement.

We aspire to achieve a high level of visibility, so that the most gifted and diverse students from around the country are encouraged to join our undergraduate and graduate programs, and the most accomplished faculty are drawn to join UA from other institutions.


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