Biopolymer and biomaterial development

Polymeric and soft tissue development with a focus on
biological applications. Representative topics include:

  • Polymeric materials for tissue engineering and tissue scaffolds
  • Polymeric materials for biological sensing and monitoring
  • Polymeric materials as biological barriers
  • Polymeric materials for medical devices
  • Characterization of soft tissues and biomaterials

Polymeric membranes, gels, ionic liquids (ILs), and composites

Polymeric materials with applications that are more focused on industrial processes, devices, and functional components. Representative topics include:

  • Polymeric and IL materials for gas separation and processing
  • Polymeric and IL materials for liquid and wastewater purification
  • Polymeric materials and composites for structural components
  • Polymers and soft materials for stretchable electronics and flexible robotics
  • Polymeric materials for barrier applications
  • Gels and ILs for advanced solvent design and chemical processing
  • Plastics recycling, upcycling, and depolymerization
  • Design of polymeric materials for additive manufacturing