Spring 2022 Seminars

North Lawn 1012
Seminar Coordinator: Prof. Chao Zhao, czhao15@eng.ua.edu, (205) 348-9577

Pengfei Wang (UAB) – Development of Photolabile Protecting Groups
Thursday, January 20, 11:00

Colleen Scott (Mississippi State University) – TBD
Tuesday, February 17, 11:00

Nathaniel Lynd (UT Austin) – TBD
Thursday, February 24, 11:00

Ruilan Guo (University of Notre Dame) – TBD
Thursday, March 17, 11:00

Xinyu Zhang (Auburn University) – TBD
Thursday, April 7, 11:00

Fall 2021 Seminars

Mary Kathryn Sewell-Loftin (UAB) – Investigating the Mechanobiology of the Tumor Microenvironment
August 26

Spring 2021 Seminars

Isabel C. Escobar (University of Kentucky) – Eco-friendly Solvents and their Mixture for the Fabrication of Polysulfone Ultrafiltration Membranes: An Investigation of Doctor Blade and Slot Die Casting Methods
January 28

Georges Belfort (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) – Linking microstructure of membranes and performance and In Vitro Selection for Membrane Development
February 11

Caleb Funk (DuPontWater Solutions) – Reverse Osmosis for Water Purification: Where are we now, and where are we headed?
March 11

Matthew D. Green (Arizona State University) – Ion-containing polymers for separations and advanced materials
April 1

Christine E. Duval (Case Western Reserve University) – Radiopharmaceuticals: A new frontier for membrane separations
April 22

Fall 2020 Seminars

Zachary P. Smith (MIT) – Designing Polymers and MOFs
for Efficient and Productive Gas Separations

Thursday, September 10, 11:00

Jodie Lukenhaus (Texas A&M University) – Redox-active Macromolecular Radicals Towards Sustainable Energy Storage
Tuesday, September 15, 11:00

Piran R Kidambi (Vanderbilt University) – Atomically Thin Membranes from 2D Materials
Thursday, September 24, 11:00

John Pellegrino (University of Colorado-Boulder) – Crystallization of Supersaturated Waters: Membranes, Process, Kinetics and Surfaces
Thursday, October 1, 11:00

Andrea Achilli (University of Arizona) – Novel Membrane Processes at the Water-Energy Nexus
Thursday, October 8, 11:00

Andrew Zydney (Pennsylvania State University) – Purification of Plasmid DNA for Gene Therapy and Vaccines; New Opportunities for Membrane Technology
Thursday, October 15, 11:00

Ayse Asatekin (Tufts University) – Next Generation Membranes Through Polymer Self-Assembly
Thursday, October 22, 11:00

Yoram Cohen (UCLA) – Distributed RO/NF Water Desalination and Purification Systems: Fouling Mitigation, Energy and Pressure Optimal Operation, and Operational Flexibility
Thursday, October 29, 11:00

Menachem Elimelech (Yale) – Next Generation Desalination Membranes: Where are we Now?
Thursday, November 5, 11:00